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Dodo Juice Low on Eau Rinseless Wash – 1 litre


Low on Eau is the Dodo Juice rinseless wash, i.e. you don’t need to rinse your car after application. Just wash a panel and dry/buff it to a high shine with a soft cloth. The lubricants in Low on Eau help prevent dirt from scratching your car and leave behind a glossy and water repellent finish that could sheet for weeks. But remember, it doesn’t foam (foam carries dirt and needs rinsing) and it isn’t suitable for heavier soiling. Perfect for beating the hosepipe ban or for using at showgrounds with limited facilities if you need to prep your car for a show and shine competition.

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Dodo Juice Low On Eau, is the future of Vehicle washing, Safe, Fast, Shiny and with Protection added. It truly is a remarkable wash medium. Use on all surfaces, interior and exterior at an effective dilution of 256-1 (water-product).

Car Shampoo, is based on lubricating and cleaning the surface via a ‘soapy’ fluid, the bubbles in this pull the dirt off the surface so the dirt can be rinsed away safely. Problems we have with this is once you have rinsed the surface there are no lubricants keeping the surface protected come the drying stage. A common misconception is you do not need to rinse the vehicle with a stream of water at all, if you have a heavy build up of dirt on the vehicle you will still need to rinse the vehicle before hand as to not grind this dirt into the paint, the rinseless part is subject to after applying the product.

How to use :- Add 5-6 capfuls of Dodo Juice Low On Eau to a standard size bucket and fill with water. Add half a cap of Dodo Juice Low On Eau to a 750ml spray bottle and fill up with water. Pre spray a panel with the spray bottle and allow to dwell for a few minutes, use a split ended microfibre wash mitt to apply the Dodo Juice Low On Eau to the panel that you have pre soaked previously. Pass over the area twice so you know its clean. *optional* Apply 1 or 2 sprays of Dodo Juice Future Armour per panel. Dry the panel with a high quality microfibre drying towel.

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