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Correction Detail

Correction Detail

Correction detail. From £550 estimated 14-20 hours
(For those that want a potential better than new look to their car)
Vehicle fully pre washed to remove as much dirt and grime before any physical contact with the vehicle.
Fully stripped and washed with a pH neutral shampoo and pressure washed off.
Wheels pressure washed and cleaned using wheel safe cleaner and various brushes.
Engine bay degreased and protected.
Dried off with luxury deep pile microfiber towel.
Paintwork is then fully decontaminated, using organic and inorganic cleaners, followed up with the use of a clay bar.
2-3 stage polish worked in by the use of a machine polisher to all paint work, and plastics to bring the condition of the car to 95% + perfect.
Wheels removed polished and protected.
All exterior surfaces protected with high quality waxes or sealants, depending on application.
Interior cleaned, vacuumed and dressed appropriately.
Windows Cleaned
Fully cleaned using specific leather cleaning products to extract all the ingrained dirt that has worked its way into the leather. (Where applicable)

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