Worthy Detailing prides itself in understanding car preparation and undertaking all aspects of car care using the latest products and techniques to exceed our clients expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find below some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) If your question isn’t answered here, please send us a message.

What about the £5 Hand cars wash down the road?

This is the number one problem in the car care industry at the moment. The car washes in question are springing up everywhere giving what appears to be quick and easy and convenient car cleaning. But typically use very harsh chemicals like aggressive TFR, acid wheel cleaners when not needed, diluted down shampoos making them inadequate. And when time and low cost are such a proportion in low value car washing chemicals used are at the poorest of quality. Causing problems to your vehicle and the resell value of the car. This is not to be taken as gospel and I cannot speak for any one offering these services in particular these will remain my opinions on the matter.

Why choose Worthy Detailing?

You should choose us because we truly care about what we do, we do not mess around, we just get the best job we can do? Why don’t we have a chat and a cup of tea and I’ll provide full confidence that your vehicle is in insured, professional, capable and confident hands. Trained and with some of the most comprehensive insurance around, you can rest assure that your vehicle is in some of the safest hands in the country.

What is Detailing?

So What Is Detailing? Detailing is an American term for Valeting. In the UK it is generalized as the higher end of car care. Being a small industry in the UK it is a fast growing industry thanks to the internet and the Americans fanatical obsession with car care and detailing. It is finally moving over the Atlantic, and is being noticed from the general low quality of car washing and valeting, by the superior results that it yields and overall cost effectiveness as they details typically last longer than your standard valets.

So whats the price?, and how can you justify it?

Defiantly the most asked question and is the hardest to explain. I price my time typically between £25-£35 an hour, depending what tasks need undertaking; although occasionally it can vary depending on many factors which will alwasy be decided prior to starting the work. And how can I justify? Because the quality you are receiving, costs more than low quality services, my costs are higher, but I believe because it will look better for longer it saves you money over all, and with higher satisfaction and resell rates that your vehicle will receive.

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A perfectionist with great knowledge to bring the best out of my cars. 100% confident in recommending to anyone, what ever the car.

Enz Lister • Southbourne