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Knowing when to stop

So today was a rare occurrence for me, I went to a job that I couldn’t do. Anyone who knows me, knows I will give anything a go if I think it can be done I will do it. One of the reasons I consider myself a specialist in the valeting and detailing industry, I push the boundaries and don’t stay in my comfort zone. Client phoned me up asking about removing these brown stains all over their cream Lexus interior, from the pictures it looked bad, but I said I would give it a good go, so booked it in, saying I was going to do some test spots. Test spots done, this wasn’t going to come clean without having a fight, the staining was right down to the base of the carpet, there was red ink deep staining the carpet and the leather. Now i said it could probably be done, but it would have been cheaper to replace the main carpet, and get the boot to the standard of where my test spot was, but being the perfectionist I am, right now today, it was time to pack up and move on for the day. We had a quick discussion on replacing the carpet, so my job over the next few days would be to try and find a replacement from some breakers. Pictures down below.

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